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.::. 32 Tricks To Make A Photo Pop .::.

32 Tricks To Make A Photo Pop

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. How about a thousand responses to your free profile?

Profiles with photos attract up to 15 times more attention, and two or three images may generate even more activity!

So the next time you
for local singles, keep in mind these 32 dos and don'ts for looking good.

  1. If you are not extra lean and muscular, keep your shirt on

  2. Don't have an arm slung around someone else's waist

  3. Don't stand in front of a picture of a yacht - unless it's yours

  4. Your close up should actually be close up

  5. Don't let 'em see the red of your eyes

  6. Don't squint

  7. A crooked photo creates a crooked neck and nothing more

  8. Do not show all of your tattoos

  9. A look that screams come-hither might make your ad wither

  10. Smile ... if you have your front teeth

  11. Don't wear an outfit two sizes too small - you want them to take a second look, not cover their eyes

  12. Wearing shades doesn't show off the sparkle in your baby blues

  13. Blowing a kiss at the camera could blow your chances instead

  14. Nix the group shot; you're the star here

  15. Don't make your funny face or scrunch up your nose - only okay for a child of four

  16. Use a recent photo; an oldie, in this case, is not a goodie

  17. Lose the cowboy hat; let her see your beautiful bald head

  18. Muscle shirt, no - unless you actually have them

  19. Avoid side views unless your side is actually viewable

  20. Don't chop off your head or cut off your midsection; it's hard to picture the whole you if dissected in two

  21. A mountain range background is nice, but seeing you as a dot is not

  22. Letting it all hang out is out

  23. Today may be the day he clicks on your ad - a good incentive to give it your best shot

  24. Adjust the color and resolution, cut, rotate, size adjust - whatever it takes, then insert photo and watch what happens

  25. If the photo is not quite to your liking, snap a few more; it's worth a little effort and time to change your life from one to two

  26. Don't use your mug shot, not very arresting

  27. A 'Thinker' pose in a bathrobe ... what were you thinking?

  28. A cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other signals a deadend

  29. There are a lot of don'ts when choosing the right photo, like don't take it too seriously; let your uniqueness translate into a slick pic

  30. Does your photo percolate? Ask a friend or two what they think

  31. Be in a good mood; the camera will capture your perkiness

  32. Primp, be stylish, casual, off beat, be yourself, be perky - a presentation worthy of many admirers

You are in control of your destiny, so accentuate your best traits and soon you will be another match success story

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